PosMAC Coated Guardrail

The highest corrosion resistant alloy plated steel.

Until now, corrosion in steel has always been a problem with road barriers.

KSI Global uses a steel plated sheet with the highest corrosion resistance available. It’s called PosMAC.

PosMAC is produced by the large Korean steel manufacturer PosCo which has entered into a strategic supply contract with our Korean manufacturing partner KSI Ltd, Korea.

PosMAC is a Magnesium, Zinc and Aluminium alloy coating that acts differently to iron when exposed to the elements. The Al, Mg and Zn elements create a protective barrier coating to the galvanized steel W-Beam and Thrie-Beam guardrails.

This process allows the steel to be used safely for protracted periods and includes:

  • 3 x higher corrosion resistant properties
  • Excellent anti-corrosive resistant flat surfaces and cut edges.
  • High corrosive resistance against neutral salt & acid rain.

High quality and lower replacement costs.

The cost factor is less than for existing guardrails as it reduces maintenance and replacement costs due to corrosion as time progresses. A longer replacement period can help achieve a greater economic benefit. PosMAC will extend the life of any road asset up to 20 years.