“We push the boundaries through innovation to achieve perfection with the ultimate goal of heading towards zero road fatalities.

John Wheatland. MD & Founder
KSI Global Australia Pty Ltd.

Innovative global road safety solutions.

KSI Global Australia Pty Ltd is a pioneering leader in the provision of technologically advanced road barriers based in Perth, Australia.

No other safety crash barrier compares!

Our innovative Safety Roller Crash Barrier attained a world first MASH TL4 accreditation.

MASH or ‘Manual Assessing Safety Hardware’ is the USA standard developed by AASHTO (American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials) and replaces the standard NCHRP350 (1993). MASH is judged on three critical criteria:

  • Structural adequacy
  • Occupant risk
  • Vehicle trajectory after collision The need for the updated MASH crash barrier test criteria was due to changes in vehicles which have increased in size as well as light truck bumpers having risen over time.

Preventing needless road fatalities was the catalyst for the design behind KSI’s Safety Roller Crash Barrier – a ground breaking and first of its kind ‘Shock Energy Absorption System’ which converts the collision energy generated from a vehicle impacting the barrier to rotational energy, while maintaining the errant vehicle within its trajectory post-impact and providing increased protection to drivers and passengers.


The arrival of the latest design in safety roller crash barrier systems to the international market reduces repair, replacement and maintenance costs, compared to existing traditional barriers.

The Safety Roller Crash Barrier is a cost effective barrier, which has proven to reduce overall repair costs and most importantly reduce road fatalities.

You can be sure that the professional team at KSI Global Australia place a premium on quality customer service and their experience will provide you with the confidence to implement this innovative and world class safety roller crash barrier – the first in the world to be tested and accredited to MASH TL4 which includes:

  • TL4-10: 1,100kg vehicle at 100km/h at 25-degree impact angle
  • TL4-11: 2,270kg vehicle at 100km/h at 25-degree impact angle
  • TL4-12: 10,000kg truck at 90km/h at 15-degree impact angle